The Miracle Of The Sun Kinetic Installation

ankon mitra
Medium: Parchment Leather, hand-folded, acrylic base, LED lights, gear box and motor, metal stand, flip-switch
Size:72” dia X 24”
Ref. No:ANK 327
Visualized as a kinetic work mimicking the rotation of the sun on its axis as well as its constant movement through the arc of our sky, this work pays homage to that power which nourishes and sustains all life on this planet. We would not exist, if the sun did not exist and meditating on the sun connects us to the most primordial source of energy that we can harness to give us purpose, as well as meaning. Our life moves to the rhythm of the sun, we rise to its rise, and we sleep when we cannot see it. This is called the diurnal clock, the circadian rhythm of our lives. Our ancients would offer water to it in the morning with this mantra - My mother taught me this mantra when I was 9 years old. I chanted it for many years when bathing in the morning, closing my eyes and imagining the sun in my mind. Then the practice slowly faded as I became an adult. A few years ago I revived the practice and now in this work I have converted this mantra into a yantra.