An inclusive centre for standardized, professional, trustworthy & comprehensive services in visual art Art Postive will be one stop centre that will provide professional advice and support as required and mutually agreed to meet various requirements associated with contemporary visual art- its creation, selection, care, display, documentation, management and promotion.

Best available works in different genres Art Positive will source high quality art works in different media and forms with advice from its team of experts to include artists of all age groups and backgrounds from all across India and make them available to its clients. There will be thematically arranged collections as well free flowing shows of art in different genres, mediums and price range including abstract art, figuration, landscape, spiritual, socio political or cutting edge amongst others.

There will be a regular program of exhibitions including work by masters & promising artists and from different parts of India and in varied art forms, with a focus on a different artist each month.

There will be virtual and real exhibitions, retrospective shows, solo exhibitions and thematically based group exhibitions as well as illustrated talks, panel discussions and meetings.

Personalized advice on buying & selection of art works –Advice will be available to interested people on what to buy- who is the artist, what is his work about, how to look at and select the work that befits ones' tastes, budgets and space. The selection will be aimed to achieve dual purpose of aesthetic merit and investment.

Framing & display – Dressing up the art work in an appropriate frame that allows its image to be seen and enjoyed when placed in a perfect locale for display and enjoyment can't be over emphasized. A good work badly framed can ruin it not just for viewing but also damage its surface. Similarly when a painting or sculpture is hung or displayed where it seems to belong, it can make it come alive. The safety and health of the art also needs to be taken into account in this context. Through its panel of experts on architecture, interior design, framing and display as well as care and conservation of art works, Art Positive will be able to advise its clients on apt framing and display of their art collection.

Art works will be sourced directly from the artists at the most competitive prices in the market, where ever possible. Besides including works by senior and well know master artists, young emerging starts with talent will also be included in the collection. This will not only ensure their authenticity but also help to keep the prices fair and reasonable.

Each art work will be authenticated by the artist, confirming that it is an original and his/her own creation with full details like, title, medium, size and year, clearly indicated on the signed and dated certificate supported with bills, provenance and other associated documents.

Forum for direct interface with artists & experts – BCAH will create a regular series of events to facilitate direct interface between collectors and artists or/and experts. The idea is to enhance the enjoyment of the very process of collecting art and create an understanding and appreciation of the artist, his/her aesthetics the creative world around.

BCAH will create an interactive space through its website for its clients to have a direct access to the art works in its collection. There will be useful information on the artists and their life profile and work ethos, market trends and the news of the art world.

Care, storage, conservation & restoration of art works – BCAH will have on board experts to guide and advise its clients on the care, storage, conservation and restoration of the art works. There will be illustrated talks to offer general guidance on the subject. But for works that have suffered or are damaged due to dampness, mishandling or wrong framing etc, special arrangements for their restoration in a professional studio will also be made as required.

One of the first steps in art documentation for its insurance or resale or recording or restoration is a full professional evaluation. Our expert art evaluation services2 by our trained staff will be available on case to case basis.

All art transactions must be accompanied by proper documentation including bills, receipts, certification, provenance, authentication and attribution. Unless it is supported by properly recorded documents signed by a competent and qualified authority, just a verbal or hand written note attributing a particular work of art to a particular artist will not hold good in the eye of either the market or the law.

BCAH has qualified art appraisers on its team as well as schemes to offer insurance cover for art collections. Since each work of art is unique and original, it is universally accepted as irreplaceable and needs to insured separately from home insurance or commercial building insurance as these schemes are not designed to cover art and special items. Art, antiques and other valuables need to be insured with fine art insurers, on the basis of a recent appraisal. The appraisal must be done by a qualified person and the owner can insure each work either at the appraised value or a bit lower, but not a higher value.

One to one meetings between interested collectors and experts will be arranged on request where possible and with prior arrangement.

Analysis of each artist's work & his/her growth graph along-side their solo exhibitions – Progress of the artists' work, their career and records of their performance on the Indian and international scene will be documented and supported with data through BCAH network, programs and online and virtual exhibitions.

Updates on art finance & investment – Market trends & indices will be prepared for artists featured on BACH website.

Networks for sale, exchange, re-sale & auctions - Through its website and client networks, BCAH will create an exclusive section for sale, re-sale, exchange and auction of art works both from its own collection and from the art collector's collections sourced through its operation. It will be a mature and regulated system that will be carefully monitored by its advisers to ensure authenticity of the works routed through its network and to keep their prices reasonable and fair. All transactions will be completed with proper receipts describing the art and its condition besides all other details and documentation relating to the work's history, provenance and authenticity.

Proper documentation of the artists & their works – Art works in paintings, sculptures and prints etc by artists on BCAH network will be documented through a collection of catalogues, books, prints, CDs and DVDs of their works. The transient nature of some of the media art works, such as performance based or video art or those based on the concepts of time and space will be documented to reflect their function and context through progressive and new media.

The above mentioned material will help BCAH develop a good archive of published, recorded and documented material on a wide range of artists and their work that will be accessible on request to interested collectors on their net.

Set parameters for selection & pricing of artworks – Pricing an art work accurately can be difficult given that art is a matter of subject choice and each art work is special and unique. However there is a methodology that works over long run better than conjecture or applying supply vs. demand or per square meter rate or notions of scarcity formula. BCAH experts will formulate their own system carefully studying the artist's career and catalogues and comparing their sale figures at other exhibitions and auction records before settling on a fair price.

Publication of catalogues & books– Selected works will also be featured in books that will be published by BCAH. Where possible these will be accompanied by solo shows or retrospectives or portfolios or reprints as befits the case.

Limited edition prints – To make art more widely accessible at affordable prices and to help make business environment more pleasing and conducive for team working and livening up public spaces in hotels or hospitals or other offices, series of art works by well know artists will be reproduced in limited edition, numbered and signed prints for such use.

Corporate gifts – For special occasions, events and festivals, BCAH will create a range of specially designed art products at the request of corporate CEOs and offices to meet their needs. This would also include high quality art and design products designed by well known artists and personalized for the commissioning agency's clients.

Art projects in support of community development – Corporate social responsibility and charitable causes will be supported through art initiatives involving the artists. This could include sale of art works to help raise funds for a cause or art workshops for special needs children or other marginalized groups of society in need of help.

Special commissions – Murals, portraiture and other forms of specific art works will be commissioned and installed in response to specific request from clients. This would include large scale commissions of installations in public areas in offices or cities.

An open platform for networking – Art professionals, institutions, industry, banks and wealth management organizations engaged in various aspects of art- its creation, management, promotion and marketing to include artists, media, galleries, collectors, curators, art fund managers will be invited to come together on a common platform for sharing of experiences and to find solutions to issues of wider and common interest in the art domain

Art workshops and classes– For individuals interested in acquiring knowledge and skills in art and for artists to work together in a commune for better understanding of each other's creative ethos, a series of classes and workshops will be integral to BCAH's program plans.

Art management initiatives – Workshops and courses in art management, handling and display of art works, courses on art appreciation, art care and handling, conservation of art, its marketing and promotion etc. will be conducted by BCAH, its team of experts and guest lecturers both Indian and international as certificate programs that are envisaged to substantiate into a full-fledged academic programs in the future.