Ecosophical Notes IV

murali cheeroth
Medium: Acrylic On Canvas
Size:18" x 18"
Ref. No:MRC 104
An artist who is often engage with the past and the present in an interchangeable map artist Murali Cheeroth employs different markers from history to create our urbanized spaces. In this series of small format canvases, with ornate framing, he speaks of the tragedy of urban spaces cutting in on that which is naturally free. He employs the metaphor of the bird who whose wing becomes a symbol for that nature upon which futuristic structures, large metropolises appear ‘to grow’. He injects small exclamations, words and sentences that comment hidden among the mélange of books, urban structures and objects that alight on the bird’s wings. They comment on the undesirability of this lopsided growth, which only holds-within it a dark future if not checked.