The Canopy Of Prosperity

ankon mitra
Medium: Kerala Kasavu sarees with gold border + polypropylene, hand-folded and hand painted, metal supports and base
Size:96” x 78” x 126”
Ref. No:ANK 326
Kadali is the Sanskrit word for Banana. No part of a Banana tree goes waste, from the trunk, to the flowers and of course the fruits (nearly everything of the plant, except the roots) are eaten. The fruits are a super food and an instant energy booster, the most fundamental source of nutrition which helped us evolve from the simians we once were to the Homo-Sapiens of today. The leaves are used to eat on, as an auspicious canopy under which wedding vows are propitiated and as the most ancient and sustainable form of packing, steaming and cooking varied sweetmeats and produce of the sea. It would not be wrong to say that we have held the Banana tree’s ‘hands’ to make our journey from the wilderness into civilization. Pleated and folded Kerala Kasavu Sarees with a banana fibre blend in the cotton, with illustrations and graphics of verdant banana groves (with monkeys cavorting in them) complete this joyous installation, the artist’s humble tribute to one of nature’s most magnificent gifts to humankind.