The Brain Is A Tree

ankon mitra
Medium: Dupont Tyvek hand-folded, LED lights, acrylic base and pine-MDF back-base
Size:66” dia.x 15”
Ref. No:ANK 324
We have all read stories and tales of mythical forest creatures, part tree - part human, which can move, talk, think and express emotions like human beings. In the Lord of the Rings, Tolkien introduced the Ents - ancient tree-like forest creatures which are guardians of the natural realm. At some level, if we are able to tap into our most sensitive and vibrating consciousness, we find parallels of purpose and function in how nature evolves and shapes the creates that live and thrive within it and where we fit into this ecology. Our brains are in many ways like trees. The neural network sending and receiving nutrition, chemical signals, knowledge and response to stimuli has parallels with the Xylem and Phloem networks within trees which interconnect a tree from its roots to the top-most leaves. This is a fine mesh of consciousness. In this work, I create a metaphor for all things, ideas and formations of nature being interconnected with each other through a finely balanced framework called Gaia. This is the most beautiful lattice of our life on this earth, and it is important for us to recognize the fragility and delicate balance of this co-existence, most pertinently now - as we begin to think of our own selves as outside from nature and go about destroying fragile ecosystems for our wanton greed, out of sheer disrespect of what binds us to this planet. This work is meant to remind us of the beauty of what we have been given as the highest gift, and to value this interconnectedness.