The Trinity Within The Mirror Room

ankon mitra
Medium: Plyboard and Wood room, Mirrors, Polypropylene hand folded, gunny-bag fabric, LED lights
Size:180” X 60” X 108"
Ref. No:ANK 317
This was a long standing desire, to create a mirror room. The room talks of many things in the realms of philosophical discourse which are of immense interest to me - our past and future lives, the diff erence between reality and illusion (what is Maya?), how one element multiplies to a massive geometric progression, spiralling out of control and fading into the distance, the diff erence between zero and infi nity, are there many Earths in many alternate realities, is the Universe infi nite? The origami shapes and forms address this through the repetition of their pleats - mirrored in the repetition of themselves in the infi nite refl ections inside the room. Do we emerge somehow transformed from the room?