The Arctic Wind

ankon mitra
Medium: Pleated / folded annealed glass
Size:72" X 24" X 36"
Ref. No:ANK 311
The idea of folded glass swam into my consciousness a few years ago. I was in raptures looking at the masterworks of Dale Chihuly, who employs a number of techniques from slumping to blowing and a whole range of techniques inbetween. I wanted to start simple, baby steps - by taking sheets of fl oat glass and slumping them onto stainless steel folded sheets to see if the folds appeared in the glass. In collaboration with ceramic and glass artist Revati Jayakrishnan, this has been a wonderful journey of follies, replete with failures and frustrations - enjoyable to the core. We have managed to create some simple double curvature forms which we have strung together to capture an idea of a pattern of wind as though frozen in mid air. Because of the frosting and the devitrifi cation at the fold junctions, the glass begin to resemble even more the sheets of ice that give us the name of this work. Glass is a diffi cult material which teaches a lot to its student. Strong and delicate at the same time, hard as well as transparent, it has changed me in ways which I will begin to realize as I create more works with this material in the future. There are many many types of glass to explore yet!