Radha Krishna Raas Leela

ankon mitra
Medium: Dupion Silk and Cordenon Card sandwich material hand holded LED
Size:84” X 84” X 72"
Ref. No:ANK 305
When Radha and Krishna dance in the Vrindavan forest, there are a multitude of gopikas, and just so that no gopika feels left out or alone, Krishna multiplies himself so that every gopika has a Krishna to dance with. This create a swirl of devotion, love and divine energy, because every gopika feels she has Krishna completely to herself, and she is right, but it is also true that Krishna belongs to everyone and is with everyone. He is intimate to you and me, but he is also intimate to the whole universe. How beautiful is this idea of all pervading dancing, swirling energy. This is the energy I sought to bring forth in the visual expression of the Radha-Krishna Raas Leela. We can see the individual dancing couples, but it all melds into a universal energy of dance and light