Luminous Twilight II

om soorya
Medium: Acrylic On Canvas
Size:48"x 48"
Ref. No:OMS 202
Om Soorya is known as an artist who brings the Zen and the mediative into the world of the that which is shocking surreal and otherworldly. His use of pigment is fluid and intuitive. The mood created by his rich deep tones and lines, which vary from crisp to watery blurs, is much like a twilight zone – the time in-between events; neither here nor there are. In these two works he is focused upon his recent exploration of an extra- terrestrial existence one of escape and disaster where the ‘new generation has learned to consume an alternative physical space for its own existence’ where the planet is overpopulated, used and close to being abandoned. The element of mythology and reality and mythography. While the world is shrinking to the ‘space of a shell’, the imaginative space is exploding to new sensibilities. By creating a very personalized landscape of language what he wants to provide is a breathing meditative space of visual reality.