Tampered Compass

mukesh sharma
Medium: Repurposed Computer keyboards, fabric, Steel, set of 4 Polychrome Viscosity prints - Chin Colle on Wasli Paper
Size:84” x 125” x 12”
Ref. No:MKS 202
Known for expressing himself in multiple mediums from Paintings, Frescos and Block- Printing of Sanganer to his prints create in the print studio of Baroda where he studied for his masters, Mukesh has always had a multivalent form of aesthetics. For this work that was created as a reaction to the Pandemic and our current times, he brings to this unique work created especially for the exhibition, a deeps sense of irony. Here he employs to bring together installation from the computer keys, (Mukesh known for collecting e-waste and e-scraps) and he forms a compass that lays out the four cardinal points of N-S-E-W, but the irony is of our times, there is something daunting about these signs when travel and mobility has been locked down. The only relief comes in the shape of the windows that allow ups to peep put nature and the world outside where we can recall what the world used to be. This two Mukesh evokes in terms of etchings of the past like faded memories that will change with the ‘new normal’.