Edge Of Chaos

george martin pj
Medium: Acrylic On Canvas
Size:48" x 48"
Ref. No:GMP 505
The simultaneity of the urban sprawl, the hint to the multiverse and the cacophony of urban existence is not new to George Martian’s work. There is a dizzying speed and crowdedness that is peculiar to his work, a modern interpretation of the horror vacui, and sense of ‘limitlessness’ that is peculiar to his work, both in colour on canvas and mixed media on paper, that is quite linear as well. In a single work he is he is able to merge multiple cultures. However, when viewed more carefully, Martin’s densely 4 populated compositions resonate the transitory and disunited true nature of our world. He is able to merge multiple cultures, times and even species, bringing in animals and andromorphic creatures as well, to contemplate the hypothetical nature of our ‘multiverse’.