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The Poetics of Space

Curator's Note

 The Poetics of Space

 Spaces can be perceived in myriad ways. The exhibition ‘The Poetics of Space intends to explore the real, imagined, or implied narratives connected to spaces around us. There is also an attempt to realize the use of materiality whether it is fragile or concrete, bringing in artworks in varied mediums including drawing, painting, collage, sculpture or an assemblage.

In 1958, Bachelard published La Poétique de l’Espace – The Poetics of Space – a densely lyrical, almost magical book on our experience of architecture where he talks about the realms we inhabit i.e. indoor and outdoor. 

The works in the exhibition try to narrate the hidden histories or embedded memories and emotions. The interiors devoid of people are like empty stage sets waiting for actors to animate them. Whether public or private, all of these interior settings are activated by the presence (or absence) of humans. Amidst the current global pandemic where all of us are confined to our interiors, has created a new play of exploration of the spaces within that confinement or introspection within our inner self. The lockdown has definitely entailed a spatial reconfiguration to all of us.

In early and mid-20th century, with the advent of modern movement in architecture, the concept of space became ubiquitous in the field of architecture. It has become the defining element in the symmetry and a salient feature of the interior and exterior of any concurrent structure. Basically, imbibing the desired innovation and moving beyond the notion of systematic development of styles in the architectural practice. Soon, the space has become a point of reflection and instigation for major intellectuals of the society and the creative professionals. French philosopher Michel Foucault says ‘Ours is the epoch of space, an expanded field imbued with complex meanings.’

Here, we are not only inquisitive about the existential nature of space, but also aiming to investigate the extent of how physical spaces affect us in our creative processes. What is an empty space? How spaces are changing over the years? How a physical space is different from a mental space? Do we feel guided if there is a pre-conceived notion of virtual in place of physical?  

Pranamita Borgohain, Curator

Participating Artists: 

Ankon Mitra | Jignesh Panchal |Santanu Dey | Saravanan Parasuraman | Shalina S Vichitra | Suryakanta Swain| R Janarthanan |Tapasya Gupta

 An online Exhibition  

2nd June, 2020 | 


Jignesh panchal


Ankon mitra


Shalina s vichitra


Tapasya gupta


Santanu dey


Suryakanta swain


janarthanan r


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