Oceanic Odyssey Solo Exhibition By Subodh Kerkar Exhibition- Art Positive

Oceanic Odyssey Solo Exhibition By Subodh Kerkar

Curator's Note

The Ocean Odyssey 

I am an Ocean artist I walked on the sea shores ever since I was a little boy enjoying the breaking waves, the breeze filled with the scents of the sea, the sunsets reflecting on dancing waters the fishermen pushing their boats and pulling nets laiden with glittering fish 

I remember standing on the wet sand, clutching the hand of my father. I remember riding on his strong shoulders into the waves and bursting into joy when large waves hit us. I remember the ticklish feeling on the soles of my feet when the waves receded. 

The Ocean became a part of my life and my art. I started creating my works with sand, shells, pieces of old boats and even fishermen. 

I moved on to keeping my sculptures at the bottom of the ocean for years, allowing the waters to work on them. 

My works were covered with oyster shells. 

The Ocean is both inside and outside my works my master and my muse.

The Ocean Odyssey is an assimilation of my encounters with the seas.  

Subodh Kerkar

Subodh kerkar


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