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Through the Leaves to the Light Bronzes by Dimpy Menon

The performance that nature puts on inspires emotions that beg to be expressed I try to capture them using the human form to convey both essence and experience. When one looks up at the sky with the birds gliding across or when the stars dangle there is a calm joyfulness that fills the Heart The silent communication one has with nature is pure. One needs to know no language to enjoy nature as I try to portray in God s Voice. I try to capture the feeling of boundlessness in the works It takes the mind off the merely internal to something more eternal I have used ethically-sourced and found pieces of wood as part of some compositions. Bronze wood and stone are in themselves elemental. The works range in spirit from the calm and quiet Lotus Pond and Through the Leaves to the Stars to the celebratory movement of Lightness of Being Both the forms and the compositions represent the essence of human spirit and nature. One does not always need the entire ocean to enjoy nature a fallen frangipani flower with its fragrance and perfect form can be just as enriching There are no borders or religions in nature. It belongs to the beholder One can be wonder struck by the patterns on the leaves and the co lours of the flowers They make one feel there is a greater plan So much beauty cannot be an accident

Curator's Note

From the leaves to the light

Gallery Art Positive s association with Dimpy Menon dates over a decade I am delighted to be hosting her second solo show with us, after having previously shown her works at solo booths in the India Art Fair as well Over the years Dimpy has made the human form central to her expression Celebrating its myriad forms delving into its moods meanderings and movements There is a certain meditative quality to her works a stillness, which is ethereal and timeless In this show she moves forth connecting the human form to the abundance of nature that surrounds it She explores our dependence on it weaving this soul connect into the fabric of her expression. This body of work needed to be viewed in an organic, outdoor setting where these works could weave their magic It is for this reason that for the first time we decided to open our home for the preview of this show We hope you will come to celebrate the magic of nature with us

Dimpy menon


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