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Even in the 21st Century, there is no denying that India is a country that still swears by traditions that take origin in Puranas, mythology and superstitious beliefs. This is more so with the creative outpourings by eminent artists and writers, who regale the patrons with their exemplary works, by the way of paintings, sculptures or usage of words, including prose and  poetry. The form of expression varies but many a great luminary has shown an inclination for recreating and bringing alive stories found in epics and mythology. 

The eminently multi-talented artist, R. Giridhar Gowd, a consistently brilliant artiste, belongs to this august genre. His visual art depictions, particularly miniature paintings and murals  exemplify this trait and seem to take inspiration from the land’s obsessive beliefs in Puranas, albeit in dimensions that sync with the mindset of generations of patrons. Based at Garuvupalem in Guntur District of Andhra Pradesh Giridhar Gowd’s volume of  resplendent works indicates a refreshing return to tradition that has been reinvigorated with  zest, vitalized vision, and reinvention and  redefinition, each of which finds symbolic expressions that are gloriously simplistic but amazingly  expressive.


Curator's Note

DASHAVATARA  Dialectics of Tradition is a collated exhibition of his latest suite of works which has created the narrative of the life of Krishna, based on his study of the tenth chapter or the  Dasma Skanda of Srimad Maha Bhagavatam. A series which  opened space in initiating another trajectory of a narrative that enabled a deeper analysis of one particular avatar of Vishnu  namely Krishna, which in Giridhar s perspective and studied analysis is a manifestation of the  many avatars of Vishnu. Elaborating on this,  the artist says " In my view the Krishna avatar  cannot be viewed as  avatar reincarnated for the mere redemption of the Dwarapalakas, Jayaand Vijaya from their curse. The more I read the Dasama Skanda, the more I was subsumed by  the feeling that the Krishna avatar is a poorna avataram or   complete avatar exhibiting all the  qualities which were visible as parts in other avatars ". 

Giridhar s attraction is not the story content, but semiotically he nurtured them to explore  the wider canvas of its essential significance in relation to life meaning not only philosophically but as a progressive science that eventually led to the spiritual ,intellectual, emotional and  physical evolution of man. Semantically it is this aspect of Giridhar works that carries enormous valence, marking his vision as progressive and contemporary though rooted in the tradition of  literary culture.


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